Every woman is special, and that's why we honor them this International Women's Day on March 8. We also recognize the women in our community who are struggling with abuse, poverty and homelessness... in need of a helping hand for a better life. Today, you can make a gift to help local women become stronger and healthier!

Your compassionate gift will help homeless women and children by providing:

  • Nourishing meals for just $2.20 each
  • Hygiene items & daily essentials 
  • Clean beds & blankets in a safe shelter
  • Faith-based guidance, counseling & classes in budgeting & parenting to help rebuild their lives 

It's critical to support women in our community – especially moms who are struggling to care for their children. Please give now! 

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to feed & care for 21 people
to feed & care for 41 people
to feed & care for 62 people
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